How Does It Work?

Emissions and Fuel

By increasing the performance of the fuel WITHOUT the need for an additive we achieve a cleaner burn. The result is reduced emissions and particulate entering the atmosphere while saving fuel and increasing engine performance and horsepower.

In Diesel applications we can reduce the number of regens by 40 - 60% or more and substantially reduce the need for DEF fluid and DPF cleaning and replacements.

We can help you meet your sustainability goals for your transportation department while saving you money.


By increasing performance of the oil we improve the failure point of the motor oil resulting in  an improvement in overall engine efficiency. The oil will be able to do its job better, reducing friction, temperature and metal wear. This protection leads to longer engine life, reduced maintenance and improvement in fuel economy, performance  and horsepower.

We also provide a greater level of protection for dry starts, providing constant protection.

We can help you extend the life of your equipment while saving you money.


We can extend battery life significantly,  help save on cleaning DPF filters and avoid repainting hoods and replacing headlamp lenses by removing oxidation, making them look new for pennies on the dollar. 

We look for other opportunities for saving and extending the life of engines and equipment whether it's grease for gears and reducing oil consumption or lubrication for manual transmissions, A/C, power steering, differentials and more.

Call us today to see how we can help you meet your sustainability AND budget goals.

Who Can Benefit?

Emergency Vehicles

Fire Trucks, EMS Units, Law Enforcement Cars and Trucks


School , Charter, and Municipal Buses, Delivery Trucks, Automotive Fleets, Limos, Taxis

Large Trucks

Long Haul Trucks, Reefers, Waste Haulers, Bucket Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Dump Trucks

Heavy Equipment

Gravel Trucks, Road Rollers, Road Graders, Front End Loaders, Tractors 


Portable, Towable, Vehicle Mounted, Construction, Industrial and Standby Units
Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas or Gasoline 


Ships, Tugboats, Rigs, Fishing Boats, Personal Water Craft

Personal Vehicles

 Light Duty Trucks, SUV's, Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, ATV's, Motorhomes, Vans, Mowers 

Specialty and Other

Natural Gas Boilers, Burners and Pumps, Drilling Rigs and More

Awards and Recognition

Clean Air

Our products have been recognized for their contribution to clean air by Federal, State, and Local environmental initiatives earning multiple awards from the US Department of Energy's Clean Air and Clean Cities Programs. Our products have received numerous awards from various States and US Congressmen.

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