Lead Acid Batteries


Lead acid batteries have been the widest used technology for energy storage, spanning well over a century, across all industries. From vessels, to trains, to data centers, lead acid is the trusted technology for any system.

The chemistry of a lead acid battery is simplified as metal (lead alloy) and battery acid (sulfuric acid solution). When a battery is new, the two materials work well together for accepting and releasing charge in the form of DC electricity. Over time, the reaction changes the chemical properties of the battery, and it no longer is efficient at accepting or releasing electrical charge at the designed specification. 

The life of a lead acid battery is reduced by multiple factors. The top influences are high temperature and low state of charge. At high temperatures, above 77° F, the battery degrading chemical reaction takes place at an accelerated rate. This rate is exponential as the temperature increases. Low state of charge is often caused by leaving a battery at rest in a low state of charge, or discharging lower than manufactures recommend. The longer a battery rests discharged, and the lower its discharge, the sooner battery will not be able to accept/release a charge.

Many companies focus on temperature, state of charge, and fluid level of the battery. At TGA, we bring battery operations to the correct level, and address the chemical health of the battery. We understand operations do not always allow the perfect temperature or charging. Our procedures and technologies not only extend battery health, but recovery battery health even in harsh environments. 

TGA is well experienced in improving client operations with lead acid batteries. We work directly with clients to perfect their battery procedures. Our client’s experience longer battery life in all environments. In return, they lower their ongoing operating costs, and reduce the amount of hazardous material that is released into our environment. 

Battery Maintenance Program (BMP)


Ask us about saving with a complete BMP.

We help companies achieve immediate cost savings and support corporate wide sustainability goals. Batteries perform better and have increased ability to accept, store and release energy. This allows them to maintain their state of charge much longer and accept recharge more readily, dramatically extending battery life by as much as 3x. Approximately 70% of dead batteries are recovered reducing the number of new batteries needing to be purchased.

Typicaly, this BMP pays for itself within months.

  • Extend battery life up to 3x
  • Extend alternator and starter life
  • Eliminate jump starts
  • Equalize batteries
  • Recover 70% of spent batteries
  • Reduce # of new batteries purchased
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Increase battery efficiency and power

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Other Battery Types


We work with all battery types. Whether lead acid, AGM or deep cycle, contact us for a more detailed conversation. We can help with automotive, marine, ATV's, golf carts, whatever your needs are, we have a solution. 

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