The Green Alliance team (TGA) helps clients gain performance from the commodities used to operate buildings, operations and transportation without having to replace capital equipment.  The results of TGA programs include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • New positive cash flow
  • Improved environmental health
  • Added life to valuable existing equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs

Commodity Mangement



  • Reduce water and sewer costs, increase net operating revenue
  • Increase ice production efficiency
  • Lower chemical use and process cost
  • Heat water more efficiently
  • Lower scale and lime buildup in boilers and towers
  • Long term total water management options
  • Laundry systems that lower cost and gain fabric life

Fuel, Diesel, Natural Gas


  • Lower operating cost for heating water and air
  • Increase mileage for over and off road vehicles
  • Lower generator operating cost
  • Significantly add life and lower maintenance costs of DPF filtration
  • Increase power by improving fuel burn
  • Decrease emissions
  • Reduce DEF fluid usage 



  • Reduce kW and kWh demand
  • Reduce Peak Demand charges
  • Eliminate power irregularities
  • Add capacity to existing systems
  • Electrical management systems
  • Controls that manage use more effectively
  • More efficient motors, lighting, gear boxes



  • Heat and cool more efficiently
  • Add equipment life and lower maintenance cost (HVAC, air compressors, refrigeration)
  • Lower CO2 and other pollutant emissions
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Control spread of bacteria & disease
  • Reduce food spoilage, add shelf life

Why Commodity Management


TGA – Your Commodity Performance Specialists

We understand that the commodities we use every day are not top of the mind for most organizations. Countless competing tasks and responsibilities fill each day. If the lights are on, the HVAC is running, and the bills are being paid, some organizations may simply not think about electricity, true air quality, overall water and fuel consumption.  Even larger organizations that have people dedicated to it may lack the time and expertise to truly optimize their commodity performance and stay up to speed on latest technologies.  Rather than focusing on utilizing commodities more effectively in existing facilities and equipment, too often replacing these expensive assets seems like the only option. 

We have discovered there is another approach that is less costly and can deliver greater returns in many cases and help organizations be more sustainable and viable. At TGA we think about opportunities to gain commodity performance and lower operating costs every day because we’re passionate about it. We know that you need to focus on your core business. Our clients rest assured that we will find opportunities to improve the overall performance and lower the operational costs of their facilities and transportation departments.

Not sure that looking seriously at commodity management is worth your time? Optimizing commodity performance simply makes good business sense. It’s effective risk management against water, sewer, electricity, fuel and natural gas price increases and by using less to do more you will gain immediate and ongoing operating revenue.  There are dollars to be harvested and efficiencies gained in every building and transportation department.

Consider the following three questions:

How well do you understand your commodity investment?
Commodities generally play a much bigger role in our organizations than we realize. Take a moment to think about every aspect of your business that involves commodities. There are direct costs, such as water, sewer, heating and cooling water, heating and cooling air, electricity, natural gas, other fuels, infrastructure, and fleet. And there are indirect costs, such as staff resources, maintenance fees, capital outlays, and consulting support. But commodities also impact your business operations, employee health, market performance, strategic planning, and even your sustainability reputation.

Although commodity management is often relegated to the background, the truth is there have been many developed and developing technologies that when combined and implemented can provide measureable improvement to cash flows. Most projects can be financed out of the savings provided because every tool we utilize is real world proven where performance was tantamount.  As you consider the many facets of your investment in and around the commodities you use, we are ready to help you navigate the options that will provide real measureable results and guide you to develop a plan you are confident to implement.

Why should you care about commodity performance and efficiency?
There’s a common saying that commodity efficiency is the cheapest, fastest, cleanest source of energy, water and air. Indeed, the commodity you don’t use is ultimately free. That’s a big reason to care about commodity efficiency.

Another way of describing commodity efficiency is using less of them to provide the same—or even enhanced—level of service and comfort. The objective of commodity efficiency is not shared sacrifice. When implemented correctly, commodity management and efficiency enables organizations to do more with less.

Buildings that operate more efficiently produce:

  • Increased profitability as a result of lower operating costs
  • Better cash flow because of reduced monthly energy and maintenance bills
  • More comfortable, productive tenants/occupants
  • Potential to lower spread of contagious disease and lower absenteeism
  • Improved sustainability through fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Smarter, greener spaces 
  • Longer HVAC, electric motor, pumps, compressors, and office equipment life 
  • Have greater asset value

What can data analytics do for your energy budget?
Every building and vehicle holds commodity and operational saving opportunities. The challenge is finding and managing them. We harness the power of data to identify opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden. Data analysis is a critical function in each one of our services. Access to robust, reliable data is becoming more achievable and affordable to deliver meaningful solutions.  Ask us about monitoring and managing aspects of your commodity use.

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