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The Green Alliance’s (TGA) core business is providing organizations more effective utilization of fuel, water, electricity, natural gas, and air in their existing operations. By challenging the status quo every day, we discover hidden and untapped opportunities and tools to effectively utilize the commodities we use and pay for. All the tools we use have been proven in Fortune 500 companies to solve specific challenges with equipment, processes and transportation. When deployed together TGA provides notable reductions in our clients cost of doing business while having a positive environmental impact without having to replace capital equipment. We help meet your sustainability goals with solutions that are more than paid for through savings.


Transportation Division

The TGA Transportation Division can show you how to save on fuel and maintenance costs, reduce emissions, and increase power, using best in class proven technologies in the industry. We help improve performance on any engine that uses a carbon based fuel: trucks, emergency vehicles, water craft, school buses, garbage trucks, car fleets, even generators and natural gas boilers. We also increase the operating performance of refrigerated trailers, gears and dramatically lower the number of DPF filter regenerations and the cost of DPF filter maintenance. 


Facilities Division

The TGA Facilities Division focuses on increasing performance of existing equipment and processes in buildings by improving the functional quality of the commodities used. Commodities we use every day are not top of the mind for most organizations. Countless competing tasks and responsibilities fill each day. Our experts provide you with a personalized road-map to optimum performance for you to make informed, cost effective decisions for your company. We efficiently guide the process of analyzing a facility, designing the most cost effective plans, implementation, measurement and verification.

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